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Install and Configure Dashcams

Install a dashcam, assign vehicle, enable harsh event and offline notifications

Written by Lisa Alber
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Clarity Dashcams user role required.

Prerequisite: Ensure the vehicle has been added in 360 so that the technician can specify it during the install process.

1. Install a Dashcam

Task performed by technicians.

Before installation, a dashcam's installation status is Pending install. Technicians install dashcams as described in the Clarity Dashcam Install Guide.

Technicians can download the install guide for EROAD's Clarity Dashcam products. Currently, EROAD 360 only supports integration with Clarity Connected. Download the Clarity Dashcam install guide from this page:

Important: Clarity Dashcam does not connect directly to the CoreHub in-cab device. Technicians perform the Dashcam install process independently of the CoreHub install process that is described in the CoreHub Installation and Maintenance Guide.

Technicians must have good cellular coverage to complete an installation and come prepared with the vehicle's name (as shown in 360), license number, or VIN.

Installation requires using the Installation Wizard. If you know installation occurred, yet the status remains Pending install, ask the technician to complete the Installation Wizard as described in the Clarity Dashcam Install Guide.

2. Assign Dashcam to a Vehicle

You can tell a dashcam was successfully installed when its status changes to Pending assignment. Now, you assign the dashcam to a vehicle. The dashcam doesn't know which vehicle it's protecting and won't record until you assign it.

You will need the installed dashcam’s serial number, which you can get in two ways:

  • From the Installation Wizard's dashcam installation email.

  • From the technician who installed the dashcam.

1. Go to Admin > Clarity Dashcams.

2. On the Dashcams page, in the Select installation status dropdown, select Pending assignment to filter the dashcam list.

3. Find the serial number of the dashcam you want to assign, select the three-dot menu at the end of its row, and then select Assign.

If the dashcam you want to assign is still listed as “Pending install," but you know the dashcam was installed, try the Installation Wizard process again.

4. In the Assign dashcam window, select the correct vehicle from the Vehicle dropdown.

The window expands to display the Product option.

5. In the Product dropdown, select the dashcam product.

The window expands to display Recording Plan.

6. For the recording plan, select Dual or Front.

You may see only one option, or both. For example, some fleets may use the Dual plan for heavy, long-haul vehicles and the Front plan for light vehicles used locally.

7. Select Assign.

A confirmation appears at the top of your screen, but you can also verify the assignment in Administration > User Activity Logs.

3. Enable Notifications

As a best practice, enable harsh event and dashcam offline notifications. To enable, go to Admin > Clarity Dashcams and select Settings. See Manage Your Dashcams for details.

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