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Manage Your Dashcams

Monitor dashcam health; assign and reassign dashcams; change dashcam recording plan; enable notifications

Written by Lisa Alber
Updated over a week ago

Go to the Admin > Clarity Dashcams page to manage your dashcams.

Monitor Dashcam Health

For dashcams with status Installed, select a row to go to the dashcam’s Dashcam Health page. This page provides a snapshot of the dashcam, including:

  • Last updated video image, which can help you verify that the dashcam is operational and has the appropriate visibility.

  • Speed graph. Scroll to view the speed at any point during the video.

  • Driver log on and log off dates, times, and locations.

  • Dashcam information such as the serial number, product, assigned vehicle, and potential fault warnings. If there is a potential fault, an additional Faults panel displays with details.

  • Statistics about a vehicle's video uploads for the current month. Use the date arrows to scroll through months. A high number of manually triggered uploads and harsh event uploads may be reasonable depending on the context.

Assign a Dashcam

Assign dashcams during the installation and configuration process as described in Install and Configure Dashcams.

Reassign a Dashcam to a New Vehicle

You can change dashcam assignments if you mistakenly assign a dashcam to the wrong vehicle. This applies to dashcams with installation status Installed.

Important: Do not use this option when you are moving a dashcam to a new vehicle. Moving a dashcam requires an uninstall. Refer to Uninstall a Dashcam.

1. Go to Admin > Clarity Dashcams.

2. Find the dashcam by searching the serial number or filtering the list by Select installation status > Installed.

3. At the right edge of the dashcam’s row, select the three-dot menu, and then Re-assign > Continue.

The Re-assign dashcam window displays.

4. In the Vehicle dropdown, select a vehicle.

You can only reassign dashcams to vehicles with status Pending assignment.

5. In the Product dropdown that displays, select the dashcam product.

6. For Recording plan, select Dual or Front.

7. Select Re-assign.

You can verify your changes on the Dashcams page.

Change Dashcam Recording Plan

1. Go to Admin > Clarity Dashcams.

2. In the row for the vehicle whose video service you want to adjust, select the three-dot menu

3. Select Manage dashcam.

The Manage dashcam window displays.

4. For the recording plan, select Dual or Front if both are available.

5. Select Confirm.

The Manage dashcam window displays the available product and recording plans for the selected vehicle/dashcam. Your company may have purchased both Dual and Front plans for one dashcam product but not for another.

Enable Notifications

In Settings, use the toggle buttons to:

  • Enable automatic email notifications when video uploads are triggered by harsh driving events and manually by drivers. Choose any or all of the following options:

    • Harsh braking

    • Harsh acceleration

    • Harsh cornering

    • Manual trigger

  • Enable daily email notifications when dashcams have been offline for the time threshold you select. Chose from one day up to seven days.

  • Enable daily dashcam video activity reports to be sent to your email address.

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