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About Clarity Dashcams

Introduction to Clarity Connected, recording plans, assign dashcam user roles

Written by Lisa Alber
Updated over a week ago

Clarity Dashcams connect a large amount of vehicle data to high-definition video, helping your company reduce insurance costs, identify fault in case of collision, protect your fleet from wrongful lawsuits, and coach drivers to improve safety.

Clarity Connected works in tandem with EROAD’s electronic logging device, EROAD Drive, to integrate vehicle and driver telematics with video. It provides video uploads to the Replay video portal. Video capabilities include unlimited video requests, automatic uploads for harsh driving events, and driver-triggered uploads.

Once installed in the vehicle, Clarity Dashcam turns on with the ignition. It immediately begins recording video.

Privacy note: The camera is always recording, but, for privacy reasons, the camera’s internal memory card encrypts the information. During video upload to EROAD 360, the camera decrypts the selected footage and uploads it as a human-visible video.

Recording Plans

Your company may have bought either or both of the following recording plans:

  • Dual: The dashcam records and provides video clips from both the road-facing camera and the interior-facing camera. The road-facing camera records 1080p full high-definition (HD) video with a 140-degree field of view. The interior-facing camera, which shows the cab and driver, records 720p full HD video. The camera records at 27-30 frames per second, which is standard movie video quality.

  • Front: The dashcam only records and provides video clips from the road-facing camera.

Assign Dashcam User Roles

In EROAD 360, administrators who work with dashcams access the following two areas. From the main menu, select:

  • Replay: This is where admins manage and review video footage from the dashcams. Replay user role required.

  • Admin > Clarity Dashcams: This is where admins manage their dashcam inventories. Clarity Dashcams user role required.

To assign users permissions to access Replay and Clarity Dashcams, go to Admin > User Manager > select a user > Security.

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