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Clarity Dashcam FAQs for Drivers
Clarity Dashcam FAQs for Drivers

Frequently asked questions

Written by Lisa Alber
Updated over a week ago

How does the dashcam help drivers?

Video evidence can quickly clear drivers who are not at fault for a collision, protecting them and their company from lawsuits and scams. As documentary proof, video also adds important context to safety-critical events, like braking quickly when cut off by a car. Video clips can also serve as a learning aid for drivers.

How do I know the dashcam is on?

The dashcam’s driver-facing LED light glows solid blue when the dashcam is on.

What do the other lights on the dashcam mean?

A second LED light on the dashcam glows solid red, which means the camera is recording. The dashcam is functioning properly when both the blue and red LED lights are on and steady.

For Clarity Connected, when you push the manual trigger button to upload a video clip to the home office, the red LEC light blinks for ten seconds. When the dashcam’s software is updating, the blue LED light blinks green. When the dashcam is trying to establish a cellular connection, the blue light blinks.

When does the dashcam start recording?

The dashcam starts recording when the vehicle ignition turns on and stops when the vehicle turns off. You will see the red LED light start to glow a few seconds after ignition on. If a vehicle is parked with ignition off for more the three days, the camera goes into full power-down mode. In that case, it could take around 50 seconds for the camera to reboot.

How do I know if the dashcam is recording?

The red LED light is on and steady.

Does all video footage get uploaded to the home office?

No. Clarity Connected only sends three kinds of video clips to the home office:

  • Clips the driver sends by pressing the manual record button or remote trigger button.

  • Clips automatically sent during intense braking, acceleration, and turning.

  • Clips requested by administrators in your company.

How do I manually send a video clip to my company?

Press the red button on the dashcam to send a video clip that begins 10 seconds before you press the button and ends 10 seconds after. If it’s installed, you can use the remote button on your vehicle dashboard instead.

I didn’t capture a video in time. Can we still get it?

Yes. Contact your administrator as soon as possible (within 12 hours) with details about the time and location of the event. They can trace the path of your vehicle and request the appropriate clips from the dashcam.

Is the camera recording audio?

No. Clarity Dashcam can record audio, but this option is not currently supported.

Is the camera recording live footage?

No. However, administrators can request clips from the dashcam soon after they occur and from any point in the vehicle’s stored video.

Who can access uploaded clips?

Dashcam footage is securely encrypted as it is stored and transmitted. The internal memory card is only accessible by EROAD technicians. Uploaded clips can only be accessed by authorized users at your company and EROAD personnel.

What's the picture quality on the camera? Can it record in the dark?

Clarity Dashcam's front-facing camera records 1080p full high-definition video with 140-degree field of view. The interior-facing camera records 720p full high-definition video. The camera records at 27-30 frames per second, which is standard movie video quality.

The camera is equipped with infrared LEDs for night-time visibility. The camera’s wide dynamic range (WDR) lenses also take advantage of all the light that is available from external light sources, such as streetlights.

The interior-facing camera also uses infrared lights that allow it to see in low-light situations. Because of this, your administrator may see color distortion when viewing the footage. This is expected behavior.

What if a business or facility doesn’t allow recording on premises?

The dashcam comes with two lens caps: one for the front-facing camera (when driving in secure facilities, like military bases) and one for the rear-facing camera, if it’s activated, to be used for off-duty privacy.

Does the dashcam require maintenance?

Clarity Dashcam rarely needs any maintenance. If the lenses become dirty, clean them with a soft cloth. Never use sprays or fluids.

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