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Uninstall a Dashcam / Move a Dashcam
Uninstall a Dashcam / Move a Dashcam

Always perform an uninstall BEFORE a technician removes a dashcam from a vehicle.

Written by Lisa Alber
Updated over a week ago

Technicians need to physically remove dashcams from vehicles when you’re retiring a vehicle or the dashcam has been damaged. Also, when a technician is going to move a dashcam to a new vehicle.

Uninstalling dashcams only applies to dashcams with installation status Installed.

Perform an uninstall before the technician physically removes the dashcam from the vehicle. Notify the technician when removal can proceed.

Note: To permanently retire a dashcam and remove it from your dashcam inventory, contact EROAD Product Support at 1-855-503-7623.

To uninstall a dashcam:

1. Go to Admin > Clarity Dashcams.

2. On the Dashcams page, find the vehicle assigned to the dashcam you are removing, and then select the three-dot menu in its row.

3. Select Uninstall and Uninstall again.

The dashcam is no longer associated with the vehicle within 360 and changes to a Pending install status.

Dashcam Moves

After you uninstall the dashcam, the technician removes the dashcam and, in the new vehicle, performs the installation (including the Installation Wizard) as described in the Clarity Dashcam Install Guide.

To install the dashcam into the new vehicle, the technician may need an installation kit. Contact EROAD Sales at 1-855-503-7623 to order a new installation kit.

When you see the dashcam status change to Pending assignment, assign it to the vehicle as described in Install and Configure Dashcams.

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