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Your Dashcam Inventory

View your dashcams, search and sort dashcams

Written by Lisa Alber
Updated over a week ago

The Dashcams page (Admin > Clarity Dashcams) provides a directory of all Clarity Dashcams in your company. Clarity Dashcams permissions required.

Searching and Sorting Dashcams

You can filter the list of dashcams, as follows:

  1. Search by a dashcam’s serial number (full or partial).

  2. Filter the list to show only dashcams with a status of Pending install, Pending assignment, or Installed. The Pending Install filter shows dashcams that are in your company but not yet installed. Pending Assignment shows installed dashcams not yet assigned to a vehicle.

  3. For dashcams with status Installed, search by vehicle name or license number.

  4. Reset the filters back to the default view.

You can also select the arrows in the Serial | Model, Installation status, and Last online (not shown) column headers to sort the table.

Understanding the Columns

The Dashcams page displays the following data columns for the company’s dashcams.

  • Last snapshot: After successful installation, low-resolution snapshots taken at the time of the last ignition off event. Allows you to verify that the dashcam is operational and has the appropriate visibility.

  • Serial | Product: The dashcam’s serial number and product name.

  • Plate | Vehicle name: The license plate and vehicle name. This is only visible when you have assigned the camera to a vehicle.

  • Installation status: The dashcam’s installation status.

  • Last online: The date and time of the dashcam’s most recent connection with EROAD 360. By default, dashcams are listed in order of most recent connection.

  • Plan: The dashcam’s recording plan: Front or Dual.

Three-Dot Menu

At the end of each dashcam’s row, you see a three-dot menu. Selecting the three dots provides more actions you can take for the selected dashcam. Available options depend on the installation status of the dashcam.

  • Pending install: No available actions. After dashcam installation, the status changes to Pending assignment.

  • Pending assignment: Assign. After vehicle assignment, the status changes to Installed.

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