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Coaching and Incident Management Tools
Coaching and Incident Management Tools

Review and update status, bulk actions, tagging, notes, and documentation

Written by Lisa Alber
Updated over a week ago

The Replay portal provides tools that can help you track workflow tasks related to driver coaching and incident management. Reviewing videos on a regular basis helps you understand how your fleet is operating. In addition, the best way to monitor dashcams is to watch video clips to see what cameras are doing.

Go to the Event review panel on a video's details page by selecting the video on the Replay page. If a driver was not logged in, select the Driver pencil icon to add the driver.

Update Status

As a best practice, assign review statuses as you review video clips. On the Replay page, you can then filter the dashcam list by Status to see what’s pending for driver coaching and for incident management. If you don’t see the Status dropdown, select More filters.

Videos upload to Replay with the status To review. For driver coaching, you can change the status to:

  • Reviewed: You have reviewed the video and there’s no further action required.

  • To be coached: You have decided that the footage shows that the driver needs coaching.

  • Coached: You have coached the driver.

  • Rewarded: You have rewarded the driver for good driving behavior.

In addition, you can toggle on either or both of the following statuses:

  • Incident: For collisions, near misses, and other events that may require further action. This is a useful way to keep track of footage that’s required for pending legal action or insurance claims.

  • Restrict content: For legal, privacy, or content sensitivity reasons, restrict the video to Replay administrators only.

You can also update video status from the Replay page:

  • Select the three-dot menu at the end of a video's row.

  • Use the Bulk actions dropdown to update the status of many videos at the same time. Select the checkboxes next to the videos to be updated, select Bulk actions, and then select the applicable review status.

Tag Videos

Tagging allows you to easily filter the Replay video list by various severe, moderate, and good driving events.

  • Under Event review, select the Tags link. Select one or more events from the list and then select Save.

On the Replay page, you can then filter the video list by Tags. If you don’t see the Tags dropdown, select More filters.

Annotate Videos

Select Add note to add reminders, follow-up tasks, incident details, and other notes related to the footage. Select Save when done.

After saving, you can see who wrote the note and add another note. Select the pencil icon to edit a note and the trash icon to delete a note.

Include Documentation

In addition to notes, you can add links to related documentation by selecting Add document and then browsing to the document on your computer. For example, insurance notices and coaching paperwork.

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