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Replay Video Portal Overview

What is Replay, access Replay, search and sort videos

Written by Lisa Alber
Updated over a week ago

EROAD 360's Replay is a video portal that allows you to search, review, manage, request, and restrict videos that Clarity Dashcam securely transmits from the road. Reviewing video footage on a regular basis helps you ensure driver safety, fleet health, and dashcam performance.

Access the Replay Portal

On the main menu, select Replay. The Replay page displays. The default view shows all videos for the current week.

"Not logged in" indicates that the driver was not logged in to EROAD Drive when the video was recorded.

You can see video clips for:

  • Critical events: These clips are automatically uploaded and labeled Harsh breaking, Harsh acceleration, and Harsh cornering.

  • Driver-initiated events: Drivers can manually trigger video upload. These clips are labeled Manual trigger.

  • Requested events: Administrators can request video uploads for particular times, locations, and drivers. These clips are labeled Requested video.

Search and Sort Videos

Search and sort videos by any combination of date range, event type, vehicle, driver, group (fleet), tags, and video status. The results will display only video clips that meet your criteria within the timeframe shown at the top of the page.

For example, the Event types dropdown appears as shown below. You could search for manually triggered videos (Manual trigger) from a particular driver (Drivers dropdown) with the status To be coached (Status dropdown).

Select Reset to return to the default non-filtered state.

Tip: On the Replay page, select Export to send a spreadsheet listing of your sorted videos to your local device.
To further filter the list, select the calendar icon next to the dates. Select the start and end dates or use the preset buttons.

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