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Changing RUC Licence Type or Weight
Changing RUC Licence Type or Weight
Written by Paul Price
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes you need to change the licence Type or Weight of your RUC vehicle. This process explains how to make a permanent change. If your vehicle only needs to be overweight for a short period, please purchase an Additional RUC licence instead.

First, you need to contact NZTA so they can update their records.

You can also do this over the phone by contacting NZTA below

Once NZTA have confirmed your change has been processed, you’ll need to purchase a manual RUC licence. To do so, open RUC Manager in 360.

From there:

1. Select your vehicle and note it’s Distance (Current Reading)

If changing between types D - H, Edit your Vehicle Defaults on the right hand side to match the new type

2. Select Shopping Cart and Add to Cart for Selected Vehicles

3. Select your licence in cart and Edit

4. Change the Begin Distance to match the Current Reading of the vehicle (this ensures any unused RUC at the old Type/Weight is refunded to you)

5. Select Save and Obtain Quote

6. Select Proceed to Checkout, confirm your licence details are correct, then enter an email recipient for the invoice and your Coretex 360 password

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