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Request, play, restrict, and delete video clips

Written by Lisa Alber
Updated over a week ago

Clarity Dashcam allows you to retrieve footage from a rolling window of drivetime recording—50 hours on the front-camera recording plan and 40 hours on the dual-camera recording plan. Video requests go toward your monthly data allocation.

By default, video clips (and associated notes and documents) are stored in dedicated cloud storage facilities for 18 months from the date of upload. After this time, they are permanently deleted.

Request a Video Clip

  1. On the Replay page, select Request video.

The Request Video window displays.

2. In the Vehicle dropdown, select a vehicle.

3. Click inside the Date field and select the date.

4. Click inside the Starting time field and select the time.

The video availability indicator displays when you enter a time. You see an error message if you choose an unavailable time.

5. Convert the Time zone to your local time zone, as needed.

6. Select your preferred video length, and then select Request video.

You can select clips of shorter duration (20 seconds or 1 minute) at full resolution or longer, hyperlapsed videos (5, 10, or 15 minutes). Hyperlapsed videos are compressed and sped up, so you can view longer segments while keeping costs down. Upload times may be longer for hyperlapsed videos.

The possible requested video statuses are:

  • To review: Requested video is available to watch.

  • Pending: The dashcam has not started uploading the requested clip yet.

  • Pending – Camera Offline: The camera is currently offline and will complete the request once the vehicle is both on and in cellular range.

  • Pending – Uploading Footage: The camera is currently uploading the requested video.

  • Failed – Video Overwritten: The requested footage is outside of the dashcam’s memory window and no data is available for the requested video.

  • Failed – Error Processing: Footage upload failed due to an unexpected error.

MyEROAD notifies you via email if the footage is unavailable. Otherwise, you will receive an email as soon as the video is available. Follow the provided link or navigate to Replay > Events > Requested video to watch the video.

Play a Video Clip

1. On the Replay page, select the row for a video clip you want to view.

A details page for the video clip displays.

2. On the details page, select the video image to begin playback.

If the vehicle’s dashcam operates in dual-camera mode, at the top of the video image you will see options for viewing Dual, Driver, or Front footage. By default, the driver-view and front-view videos play side to side, simultaneously.

Use the controls at the bottom of the video screen to pause, fast forward, rewind, and change the volume.

On a video's details page, under the Speed chart, select Download video to store a copy of the video as an .mp4 file that you can play on your local device. If the dashcam has dual cameras activated, you can download either or both videos. Downloading a video does not download its tags or notes.

Restrict a Video Clip

For legal, privacy, or content sensitivity reasons, you may want to restrict certain videos so they are only viewable by administrators with Replay and Replay + Clarity Dashcams permissions.

When you restrict a video, it appears with a locked icon on the Replay page. Any Replay administrator can select the row to view details, but only admins with Replay + Clarity Dashcams permissions can unrestrict videos.

  1. On the Replay page, select a video.

  2. On the video’s details page, under Event review, toggle on Restrict content. The toggle turns blue.

Delete a Video Clip

Replay administrators can delete video clips that are no longer required for documentary and coaching purposes, and that are, after review, deemed non-issues.

Note: Deleting an event permanently removes all record of this event – video, speed graph, event data, file attachments – from your records. Deleting files does not decrease data charges.

  • On the Replay page, select the three-dot menu for a video clip, and then select Delete.


  • On a video’s details page, select the three-dot menu on top of the video image, and then select Delete.

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