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How can I adjust my odometer for my light vehicle?
How can I adjust my odometer for my light vehicle?
Written by Paul Price
Updated over a week ago

If you have a TMU750 in your light vehicles, these devices use GPS instead of a speed tap for distance/speed calculations. Over time, the GPS distance can vary from the vehicle odometer.ย 

To accommodate for this, the distance can be adjusted. This can be done on the device itself or remotely via CS.

On the device

-Press the middle green button or spanner icon
-Go into Tools
-Set the odometer

Please note you will not be able to enter a reading less than your current one or enter more than 1000km at a time.
โ€‹Via support

-Call support while vehicle is on and device screen is awake
-Advise of serial number and current odometer reading
-Support will update the odometer reading for you
In either circumstance, if the current licence does not cover the new reading, the Auto Purchase service will purchase a new licence within 6 minutes.

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