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Adding a User

How to add a user to Coretex 360

Written by Paul Price
Updated over a week ago
  1. Hover over the Admin tab and select User Manager 

2. Select Add User 

3. Enter in the user's full name, email address and username. You will also need to select Change Password and enter in a password for them. 

4. Move to the Security tab and select the different permissions you would like them to have. If you would like them to have the same permissions as another user you can always select Copy User, rather then Add User, in Step 1. 

5. You can select which fleets a user has access to through the Fleet Access tab. Selecting 'All Vehicles' will give them access to all fleets. 

6. Driver Group Access allows you to select which drivers they have access to. 

7. Press Save and the user is now created.

8. You can edit these settings at any time by clicking on the user and selecting 'Edit User'. 

User Manager is permission specific, please contact your admin user or Coretex Support if you do not have access to this.

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