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Tracking Screen

Navigating the tracking screen in Coretex 360

Written by Paul Price
Updated over a week ago

When you first log into Coretex 360 you will land on the Tracking screen by default. This can be changed at a later date from user settings. Some main areas of the screen are:

Main Menu: This is the main navigation menu which appears on all pages of Coretex 360. Note that some menu items may not be visible to you as this depends on your Coretex 360 user permissions.

Settings Panel: Map functions and settings such as Search and Map type (satellite, terrain, traffic view etc.) are available here. You can also customise the look and feel of your personal Coretex 360 environment. 

Vehicle Icons: These icons represent a vehicle. The vehicle icon colour and shape convey further information such as state, fleet & direction.

Different States:

  • Green = moving

  • Blue = stationary

  • Yellow = idling

Tracking Sidebar: Offers a summary of vehicle tracking information, and much more. 

Quick Window: This is configured for each customer’s environment to show a quick snapshot of a selected vehicle. 

See the video below on how to navigate around the main tracking screen.

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