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Troubleshoot Offline Dashcams

What to do if a dashcam goes offline

Written by Lisa Alber
Updated over a week ago

Dashcams can go offline for a number of reasons. For example, vehicles could be:

  • Parked or operating in tunnels or under hangars.

  • Not currently in operation, such as seasonal equipment.

  • Located in an area without cell coverage.

Tip: Select Settings to enable email notifications for offline dashcams

​If you suspect a dashcam is faulty or damaged, help diagnose the problem as follows:

1. Check the dashcam for obvious signs of damage. If so, call EROAD Support for a replacement unit.

If there is no damage, go to step 2.

2. Check that the power cable is not loose or damaged.

If it is not damaged, but disconnected, reconnect the cable. Use a 2-mm hex key to loosen the shroud screw and remove the cable shroud. Carefully insert the power cable, re-fit the shroud, and re-tighten the shroud screw.

If there’s physical damage, contact EROAD Support for a replacement cable. If the cable is not damaged or disconnected, go to step 3.

3. Turn on ignition, wait one minute, and then press RESET with an unbent paperclip, toothpick, or similar item.

You don’t need much force. You’ll feel a microswitch click when done correctly. If both LEDs light up, the device should auto-recover. If the LEDs do not light up, contact EROAD Support.

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