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Removing a user
Removing a user
Written by Paul Price
Updated over a week ago

There are 2 methods of removing a user - deactivation & removing.


If the user is going on a break or you may need to save their data, we advise you deactivate the user. This is done through the following steps:

  1. Hover over the Admin tab and select User Manager 

  2. Select the user and then press Activate/Deactivate User.

3. You can see any deactivated users by changing the user status to Inactive Users.

4. To reactivate, select the user, and once again select Activate/Deactivate User.

Removing a user

5. If you wish to hard delete a user, click the user and select Remove User.

Please note this will remove all their data from the system, including what reports they have run and their history.

User Manager is permission specific, please contact your admin user or Coretex Support if you do not have access to this. 

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