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How to use Reports
How to use Reports

Where to find reports and how to run them

Written by Paul Price
Updated over a week ago

Reports are accessed through the Report tab - hover over this and select Create.

You will be taken to the reports home page, showing you a list of all reports accessible. These are broken into key groups - Vehicles, Fleets, Geofences, Drivers and more.

Note that some reports may not be visible to you as this depends on your Coretex 360 user permissions.

To run a report, double click on your selected report. This will open up a window where you can define dates, selected assets and any report specific information. 

Please note some reports are limited as to how many days worth of data can be run in a single report. They can go back up to six months and any data needed prior to this will need to be requested through Coretex Support.

Once run, you can then export your report into a number of formats by selecting the floppy disk icon from the top of the report.

Report Manager is permission specific, please contact your admin user or Coretex Support if you do not have access to this.

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