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Setting up vehicle alerts
Setting up vehicle alerts

For all vehicles, fleets or individually

Written by Oliver Scott-Hughes
Updated over a week ago
  1. Access the Vehicle Manager by hovering over Vehicles on the main toolbar and selecting Vehicle Manager

2. If you would like to set up alerts which apply for all vehicles you are able to do this through General Settings

3. From here you can select events you are wanting alerts for and how you wish to receive these alerts - on the Tracking Page, through your Message Centre, or via email. 

4. If you are only wanting to set up alerts for one vehicle you can do this by selecting the vehicle and clicking on Edit Vehicle and then the Alerting tab. 

5. You can also set up alerts on a fleet level by following the same above steps on the Fleet Manager. To access the Fleet Manager hover over Vehicles and select Fleet Manager. 

Vehicle Manager is permission specific, please contact your admin user or Coretex Support if you do not have access to this.

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