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How to create a Geofence
How to create a Geofence

Create your own geofences

Written by Paul Price
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  1. On the Tracking Page right click and select Add Location 

2. Your mouse will then become a pencil and you can draw in your Geofence by clicking in the different points you are wanting this. A geofence can be created with a minimum of two points and a maximum of twenty points. Once this has been done press Finish. 

3. Provide a name for your Geofence and press Save. 

4. You will then be asked if you would like to install vehicles to your Geofence. Only vehicles that are installed to that Geofence will report to them. 

5. Drag and drop across any vehicles that you would like to report to your Geofence from the right column to the left column. There will always be an 'All Vehicles' option you can drag over which will then automatically move over all your vehicles so that you do not need to do them all individually! 

6. If you are ever wanting to edit your Geofence you can do this by hovering over the Admin tab and selecting Location Manager. 

7. From here you can select your Geofence and then select Edit Shape, Edit Settings, Install or Delete.

-Edit Shape will allow you to change the shape of your Geofence .
-Edit Settings allows you to define a speeding limit or a time out period, you can also set up alerting here.
-Install is where you can change which vehicles are installed to the Geofence.
-Delete allows you to remove the Geofence if you no longer require it. 

Please see the video below for further information

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