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Scheduled Reports

How to set up a scheduled report

Written by Paul Price
Updated over a week ago

1. Reports are accessed through the Reports tab - hover over this and select Create

2. Single click select the report you wish to recur on a regular basis

3. Select New Scheduled Report from the top of the screen

4. Fill in the report specific information, such as date, vehicle and any report specific information (in this case, geofence). Then select Next

5. Choose who the report should be sent to and change the 'Render Format' to what format you would like to receive the report, then select Next

6. Select how often you wish to receive this report, on what day & at what time, as well as giving it a description. Then select Next

7. If you need to go back and make any changes use the Previous button to do so. Otherwise select Finish and the report will be scheduled to run

To review, edit or cancel your scheduled reports, hover over the Reports tab, and select View Scheduled. This will take you to a list of all the scheduled reports managed by you.

To edit: Select the report you wish to make changes to, then select Edit Scheduled Report

To cancel: Select the report you wish to remove, then select Cancel Scheduled Report

Report Manager is permission specific, please contact your admin user or Coretex Support if you do not have access to this.

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