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Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)
Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

How to use DVIR

Written by Oliver Scott-Hughes
Updated over a week ago
  1. A driver will first need to enter in their PIN upon turning the tablet on. 

2. They will then be taken to a screen where they can set their vehicle by tapping on the ‘Set Vehicle’ box. 

3. A trailer can be added if applicable before tapping ‘Continue’. 

4. The driver will then automatically be taken to the Pre-trip Inspection to complete. 

5. If there are any defects, then the driver can tap on ‘Has Defect’ and select what the defect is. 

6. If the defect does not fall into any of the predetermined categories, then there is an option 'Other' where they can type in a new defect. 

7. Once they have completed the inspection they can press ‘Complete Inspection’ to get to the final screen. If there are not defects they then can select that the vehicle is satisfactory and the inspection is complete. 

8. If there have been defects recorded, then the driver will need to certify if the vehicle is still safe to drive with a tick next to 'Identified defects do not affect safety or result in breakdown' before selecting either 'unsatisfactory' or 'satisfactory' for the condition of the vehicle. 

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