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Tracking Toolbar
Tracking Toolbar

Key features you can use from the tracking screen

Written by Paul Price
Updated over a week ago

The Tracking Sidebar has its own toolbar positioned near the top under the Filter controls. Note that some buttons may not be visible to you as this depends on your Coretex 360 user permissions.

1) Message button

This is a shortcut to the Send Message dialogue screen in the Message Center.

  • Select a vehicle in the list and click the Message icon in the toolbar

  • Enter a message of up to 450 characters to send to one or more vehicles (use Ctrl + left mouse click to select multiple vehicles)

  • Alternatively, click Quick Select Message to select one of your predefined standard messages

2) Poll button

This polls the selected vehicle for a location update. It is useful if you have doubts about the currently displayed location of a vehicle.

3) Route To button

This allows you to send a message with and route to a vehicle. If you have a tablet enabled with Coretex Drive, then a message and attached route will be sent to the driver, who can open in any maps application.

4) Replay button

This provides a summary of the trips and events for the selected vehicle for any given day. See the Replay Function article for more information.

5) Report button

This is a shortcut for running a report on the selected vehicle in your vehicle list. Simply select a vehicle, press this button and then choose which report you would like to run. 

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