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Right click functions
Right click functions
Written by Oliver Scott-Hughes
Updated over a week ago

From the Tracking Page there are a number of different shortcuts you can access by right clicking on the main map.

Find Nearest - This function shows the nearest vehicle to the point you have right clicked on and estimates the current time to travel there. From here, you can select a vehicle and press 'Select' which will open up a search window with the vehicle and the final destination. If you have tablets this can be sent through to a driver by selecting 'Navigate To'. 

Select Destination - This is another way of planning a route to a vehicle. Select the vehicle from the vehicle list on the right hand side and then right click 'Select Destination' where you would like them to go. If you have tablets this can be sent through to a driver by selecting 'Navigate To'. 

Add Job Location - This is an easy way to find the distance between jobs, right click and select 'Add Job Location' at the start and end locations. This will bring up a window with the distance and time the journey will take. You can continue to add on additional points by right clicking and selecting 'Add Job Location' as necessary. 

Add Marker - Creating a marker is like dropping a pin on a map. These can either be public (able to be viewed by all users) or private (only able to be viewed by your user). You can add a name, description, notes and a colour. 

Add Location - This is a quick way of creating a Geofence

Center Map - This centers the map to the area where you clicked the map.

Clear All Alerts - This is a quick way to clear all alerts that have popped up as icons on the main map.

For more information & a demonstration, see the video below.

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